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5 Simple DIY Cabin Building Plans

Log cabins are gaining popularity lately and DIY cabins are particularly interesting because they are simple to build, they can be made in a relatively short amount of time. These cabins are a great way to return to nature, have your own home and lower your expenses. Here are five simple cabins building plans that you and your family can enjoy.Cabin furnitures

  1. A-frame Log Cabin

This type of log cabin is beautiful and affordable. Its size is 14×20 feet, it looks very spacious and appealing inside. You can have a small porch and stairs outside. You must plan to do floors, roof, the material for the walls and then for the fine works concerning kitchen and bathroom. The windows are big, so lots of sunshine comes in.

  1. The Beach House

Usually, when we think about the cabin log we imagine winter and forest, while we think about the sand and sun when we mention the beach house, but what about combining the two? Well, the result is pretty beautiful and practical. Small house lifted from the ground can be perfect for the areas where the flood is likely to happen.

  1. Two Bedroom Cabin

If you have time and resources on your hands then a two bedroom cabin building plan can be a perfect home for your family. It may be little more expensive, but it will also give you more space, so you can have a separated room for the kids and one for you and your partner. There is one room for the laundry, a kitchen with the dining room and a bathroom.

  1. Small Cabin

If you just want to have a cabin all to yourself, then a small cabin 8×8 feet will be enough for you. There are a kitchen, bathroom, and a small room. It is just enough for one person who wishes to decrease the expenses as much as possible. Here you won’t need much to heat up the house.

  1. Reclaimed Log Cabin

If you don’t have time to build a cabin from scratch, then it may be a good idea to look for abandoned one and reclaim the logs so you can use them to make your own. There will be less work since the material is already prepared. With a little bit of creativity, you can decorate your home to be like it is new.

If you don’t find these cabins ideal for your family, you can also create your own plan so you and your family can enjoy as much as possible. Customize it according to the needs you have. The rooms can be as big or as little as you want them to be.

The most important thing is that the wood is very good material to use for a home. Isolation is great and it is a much healthier choice when compared to other materials. With little effort and planning, you can have your dream home in very little time, so your children can live healthier and better life.


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