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Type Of Cabin You Need For Your First River Cruise

River cabins in most of the river cruise, just like other ships, are constrained by measurement limitations associated with locks and connections. However, with less open area accessible than on mainstream cruise liners, the comfortable retreat of your river cabin is even more essential.

beach house rentalsThe very best choices for river cabins have one thing in common: superior designs, social facilities, and furnishings, they make the most effective use out of the living space they have. And here is a tip: In most cases, the perfect river cabins are located on modern classes of ships.

Generally, you will find few types of cabins on river cruises. However, most river cruise liners in Europe have only four classes: window only or “river view,” balcony, suites, and French balcony although there are some variations.

To get an overview of the type of cabin cruise you might need for you first river cruise, read on Viking River cruise veranda cabin as the best cabin on river cruises.

Veranda Suites, Vikings River Cruises.

On Viking’s Longship design of river vessels, Veranda Suites are a true definition of beautiful suites, with distinct living and resting rooms. The 275-square-foot space is embellished with an extra, Scandinavian design with light timber and maritime blues, whites, and reds. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in both the sleeping rooms and living rooms; the former open to a French balcony window while the later leads to a veranda. Meaning there is more room inside, while still presenting an open-air encounter. The marbled bathing rooms are stunning and fairly roomy, boasting warmed ceramic tile floors. Space for storage is ample.

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Pros and Cons of the Vikings River Cruise Veranda Suites.


  • There are 40 inches flat screen television in both rooms of the veranda suites.
  • Lighting is adjustable to your inclination, and “real” table lamps are supplied, along with the usual overheads.
  • There is a mini- fridge storage in this cabin where you can have a glass of cold wine, a bottle of cold beer or any other beverage you desire.


  • Although this cabin sounds to the best when it comes river cruises, the cabin has not bath tabs. In short, the cabin is on fitted with a shower.
  • It is relatively expensive, and you might be forced to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy the services of this amazing river cruise cabin.
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