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5 Simple DIY Cabin Building Plans

Log cabins are gaining popularity lately and DIY cabins are particularly interesting because they are simple to build, they can be made in a relatively short amount of time. These cabins are a great way to return to nature, have your own home and lower your expenses. Here are five simple cabins building plans that you and your family can enjoy.Cabin furnitures

  1. A-frame Log Cabin

This type of log cabin is beautiful and affordable. Its size is 14×20 feet, it looks very spacious and appealing inside. You can have a small porch and stairs outside. You must plan to do floors, roof, the material for the walls and then for the fine works concerning kitchen and bathroom. The windows are big, so lots of sunshine comes in.

  1. The Beach House

Usually, when we think about the cabin log we imagine winter and forest, while we think about the sand and sun when we mention the beach house, but what about combining the two? Well, the result is pretty beautiful and practical. Small house lifted from the ground can be perfect for the areas where the flood is likely to happen.

  1. Two Bedroom Cabin

If you have time and resources on your hands then a two bedroom cabin building plan can be a perfect home for your family. It may be little more expensive, but it will also give you more space, so you can have a separated room for the kids and one for you and your partner. There is one room for the laundry, a kitchen with the dining room and a bathroom.

  1. Small Cabin

If you just want to have a cabin all to yourself, then a small cabin 8×8 feet will be enough for you. There are a kitchen, bathroom, and a small room. It is just enough for one person who wishes to decrease the expenses as much as possible. Here you won’t need much to heat up the house.

  1. Reclaimed Log Cabin

If you don’t have time to build a cabin from scratch, then it may be a good idea to look for abandoned one and reclaim the logs so you can use them to make your own. There will be less work since the material is already prepared. With a little bit of creativity, you can decorate your home to be like it is new.

If you don’t find these cabins ideal for your family, you can also create your own plan so you and your family can enjoy as much as possible. Customize it according to the needs you have. The rooms can be as big or as little as you want them to be.

The most important thing is that the wood is very good material to use for a home. Isolation is great and it is a much healthier choice when compared to other materials. With little effort and planning, you can have your dream home in very little time, so your children can live healthier and better life.


Best Log Cabin Home

How to Construct a Suitable Log Cabin for Winter

As the seasons of the year change, we tend to take steps that gear up for the harsh conditions that come with winter. Warmer coats, vehicle maintenance, home heating system services; but what about safeguarding your log home or log cabin?log cabin menu

Here are a few ways you can suitably construct your log cabin during winter.

Choose A Suitable Ground.

During winter there is increased precipitation that falls and log cabins become more susceptible to growth of fungus and molds as well as the general weathering.  In order to fight these log cabin enemies, make sure that you decide on a building location with a well-drained terrain, set up a sufficient foundation and ensure that the natural vegetation and materials encircling your log cabin support proper drainage. Elements such as boulders, pebbles, stones and shrubs can help enhance proper drainage and protection.

Construct A Strong Roof.

During winter, there is continuous fall of snow that will accumulate on your roof. By building a strong roof top, your house will be able to withstand the weight and handle the stress. Local building codes can dictate how much loads of snow your roof can support without the possibility of falling. Hiring or working with a professional structural engineer will therefore help you ensure that your log cabin is safe.

Invest On The Right Windows.

Windows are the weakest link when it comes to home thermal shield. By choosing the right windows, sufficient amount of energy will be saved hence keeping your log cabin warm. Insulated window panels will also improve the performance of your windows in regards to energy conservation.

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Insulate Your Log Cabin.

To keep your log cabin warm and save on energy bills, you should consider insulating your log cabin using top quality insulators. There are vast insulating materials including structural insulated panels, spray foam, fiberglass battery and wool that can help keep your log cabin warm during winter. Apart from insulating your cabin against the cold weather, fitting insulators on your log cabin will help prevent the buildup of ice and snow on your roof.

Construct Your Log Cabin In Between Tress Or Plant Trees Around.

Even though wind can be helpful in fighting moisture that falls during winter, it can sometime be unkind. Too much wind blowing over your log cabins will make the logs crack and chink. In order to prevent damages from wind, position your log cabin in a place where it is unlikely to be blown by wind. Consider planting trees around your log cabin for extra protection and always apply sealing and staining products.

Once you are done with all these, your home will be properly protected and you will have a lot of time to enjoy during the winter season. Constructing your log cabin in the right way will ensure that it lasts for a long time and allow you invest in other things that matter.

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The Reason You Should Build A Log Cabin By Yourself

While the looks alone are not the main reason why you would like to build a log cabin, it goes without saying that well- designed log cabins are an amazing piece of art and a home you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. Depending on the region you are living, building a log cabin may be a difficult task especially if there are no skilled professional capable of designing and constructing your log cabin according to your desires. Constructing a log cabin by yourself would, therefore, be of great advantage to yourself.

Here are some of the reason why you need to build a log cabin by yourself:

mountain cabinIt Is Less Expensive.

In general, building a log cabin may be a little bit expensive due to the increased number of skilled laborers you would need during construction. However, if you choose to build it by yourself, you will save a lot of money that would have otherwise been used in paying professional builders.

Have It Your Way.

When you choose to build a log cabin, it becomes your vision, dream and it can be anything you desire it to be. By building it yourself, you can design the cabin in any way you want it. Designing your own log cabin gives you a perfect opportunity to be completely creative, from size to shape. In this way, you have plenty of opportunities to be creative and build a beautiful log cabin that you desire to have.

You Will Learn New Skills.

Building a log cabin by yourself is an amazing experience. It is most likely that you have some skills or you are starting from scratch. This may be a difficult task, but in the end, you will gain some skills that will eventually enable you to make adjustments as you build your log cabin. These skills will forever stay with you, and you will be able to pass them to your family and friends.

It Gives You A Sense Of Accomplishment.

It is an incredible achievement to live in a log cabin you have built by your own hands. When family and friends visit you, you will always have stories about how you turned your dreams into reality. This sense of accomplishment will forever last in you, and you will be proud of the good work you did.

The choice of living in a log cabin is more than just choosing your next home. It is a lifestyle choice.

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